I Spot Trouble


The outbreak of measles in Ohio is the most reported in any state since 1996. Ohio has had 68 cases and the nation has logged 187 cases so far in 2014. The CDC has warned that this could be the worst year for measles since 2000, which is when home-grown measles outbreaks were reportedly eradicated. The outbreaks have been linked to unvaccinated travelers bringing the measles virus back from countries where the disease is prevalent. In Ohio, all the cases are reported to have been among the Amish, who do not traditionally vaccinate their children.

What does this mean? It means children can get sick and even die from a disease that is 100% preventable with a safe, effective vaccine. Most people will get fever, rash and a few other symptoms. There can be complications such as ear infections, pneumonia, and even brain infection. The CDC says 1-2/1000 children with measles will die.

Do your part to keep your child and our nation disease free…VACCINATE!

For information on the MMR vaccine see the education page from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.